What is ResearchCue?

ResearchCue combines data from multiple sources to support desk research
You can use ResearchCue for a number of applications

Instant business landscape

ResearchCue will give you a quick overview of the major players in a business domain and their recent activities

Competitor tracking

ResearchCue will give you the entire list of competitors in your business domain. You can subscribe to receive further updates on latest news and new companies in your domain

Find sales leads

If you are in Sales & Marketing, ResearchCue will help you find sales leads even in niche geographies. Use the country filter to narrow down your search results and export results to spreadsheet

Find suppliers

If you are in procurement and need to know all possible vendors/suppliers in your market, ResearchCue will give you that in just one click. You can share the report with your colleagues for follow-up

Acquisition or partnership targets

ResearchCue will help you discover companies in area of your interest which could potentially be an acquisition or a partnership target for your company

New product ideas

ResearchCue also offers great way to realise different variations of same service or product type

Why use ResearchCue?

ResearchCue has automated desk research with advanced data mining and machine learning algorithms to provide reports instantaneously

Traditional desk research

Desk research with ResearchCue

Time consuming

Researchers use general purpose search engine like Google that requires user to follow multiple links, understand and shortlist relevant content and make structured notes

One click report

ResearchCue generates report instantaneously using its data mining and natural language processing algorithms


There are custom-made industry reports and services like Factiva available to the researchers but they are very expensive

Free to use

ResearchCue is free to use as of now. We plan to keep it that way for the benefit of the users

Not exhaustive

Researchers can also search on Linkedin or Hoovers that give results based on limited proprietary descriptions, which result in missing many of the important companies

Extensive coverage

ResearchCue continuously tracks newer information sources to stay up-to-date on new companies entering the market and their latest activities

How ResearchCue works?

ResearchCue aggregates data from multiple sources, applies advanced data mining algorithms to extract information. This information is then subjected to NLP and machine learning algorithms to generate relevant content for the report

Yes we have an API!

To register a new key to access the ResearchCue API and documentation please contact us at premraj@researchcue.com

ResearchCue harvests information using crawled data from multiple sources and presents it in structured format. This makes it a useful access point for those who would like to develop applications making use of this content. To help these activities, ResearchCue is providing an API service. We have just released a new version of the ResearchCue API, which is currently in beta. We encourage everyone to use ResearchCue API and give us feedback on improving service.

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You can drop an email to premraj@researchcue.com